About Us

The goal of Pray for Gray is to bring together those fighting a brain tumor and to help provide support and hope for the future and to help contribute to brain tumor research.

The Dinner and Gala is our major event which features a silent auction, dinner, entertainment, and stories of courage and determination from brain tumor survivors and honorees.

By sharing stories, it is my wish to provide hope for a disease that can have devastating effects. A disease that can attack the very center of movement, thought, and emotion. To help make this a reality, we seek the support and generosity of individuals, businesses, and organizations to help channel the contributions to our goal in hopes of better available treatments and options for optimal survival. The commitment and support of Pray for Gray will allow us to contribute and support families enduring the hardships of this diagnosis. The ultimate goal would be to find a cure!

Money we raise goes to funding research and brain tumor survivors and their families. When you sponsor, attend, or donate to Pray for Gray, your generosity directly benefits patients, survivors, caregivers, doctors, and research.

Founder & Executive Director

  • Julie Fletcher

Board Members

  • Josh Maristuen
  • Jill Arneson
  • Matt Olson
  • Tom Shirek
  • Brenda Wraalstad
  • Cary Rummel

Committee Members

  • Sally Shirek
  • Claire Volk
  • Travis Haar

Administrative Director

  • Bree Duval


We would like to thank all the volunteers that work to make our events a success.