In January of 2017, I suffered a severe concussion. From then on I was suffering from headaches and it was always contributed to the concussion. Several months later I was having double vision in my left eye. Since my dad had a history of having a brain tumor, my mom thought it would be a good idea for me to have an MRI just to make sure it was all related to the concussion.

I had my MRI and about 30 minutes after completing the scan, we got the phone call that I have a primary brain tumor. I found out my diagnosis two days before my 18th birthday. It was on a Thursday and we were already heading to the Mayo Clinic 3 days later for appointments. I was told before surgery that I had one of 3 kinds of tumors: 2 were benign and one was cancerous. The tumor was in the left ventricle and was blocking the cerebral spinal fluid causing the blurred vision and headaches.

The surgeon was able to remove 99&per; and there were a total of 4 tumors. My tumor is called a Giant Cell Astrocytoma, which is a benign tumor. After the surgery, I was not able to talk or move anything on my right side. I had extensive rehab to help with my speech and be able to move my right arm and leg at the Mayo Clinic. I was there for 5 weeks and was able to walk out of there on my own two feet and my speech was starting to come back.

I continue to do rehab 3 days a week. With the help of my family and close friends, I have been able to work very hard at getting back to where I was before surgery.