Grace was born May 30th, 2010. At just 4 ½ months, Grace was diagnosed with Optic Pathway Hypothalamic Glioma. Also known as a Juvenile Pilocytic Astocytoma brain tumor. Now at only age 3, Grace has had two port surgeries, one shunt surgery, one revision, one feeding tube, one craniotomy for partial resection, several blood transfusions, hundreds of physical and occupational type therapies, over 60 chemo therapy treatments and countless horus away from home and in the hospital.

Grace’s prognosis remains foggy, as her tumor is inoperable and incurable at present time. The journey is one of trial and error, attempting to find stability with chemotherapy treatment while doctors and researchers are on the quest for a cure. Though her brain tumor compromises her visual activity, it cannot shield the life that shines within her. She captivates people with her beaming eyes and long eye lashes.

Grace now walks independently, though very cautious, and she wears glasses to aid her vision and broaden her view of the world. Grace and her family have deep appreciation for so many wonderful famile, friends, doctors, nurses, therapists, teachers, neighbors, and more. GO GRACE GO!!