After a fall in the family home in 2010, and not being able to keep her balance on her own, Hellat ended up going to the emergency room with her mother. After an MRI, a brain tumor was diagnosed. Further testing showed the tumor to be that of a grade III Astrocytoma.

The tumor was not able to be removed due to the location in the brain. Hellat was treated with 33 days of both Chemo and Radiation. After treatment an MRI revealed no improvement in tumor size. For the next several months, Hellat had endured other chemotherapies with no success in reducing the tumor. Hellat has not been on any further treatments since July of 2011 and is currently on an MRI monitoring basis. The tumor has taken away Hellat’s ability to walk on her own.

Hellat and her family continue to fight with an unbroken spirit and determination. Their faith and support of their family and friends continue to remain strong.