A day that started out as any other day on September 7th, 2012, landed me in the hospital that evening after experiencing a grand mal seizure during halftime at my son’s football game. A CT and MRI scan revealed a large mass on my brain. A few days later on September 11th, a biopsy deemed the mass to be a Grade 2 Astrocytoma and inoperable due to the deep location within the brain. Feelings of shock and fear quickly settled in.

27 Radiation treatments were ordered and found to be effective. Routine MRI’s followed and unfortunately a scan in January of 2014 found the tumor to be increasing in size and intensity once again. Plans were made to go to the Mayo Clinic for evaluation. it was determined that the tumor was now of a higher grade but still inoperable. Oral chemotherapy was ordered. To date I have completed four cycles of chemo treatments, but still my last MRI showed tumor growth so discussions and consultations continue as to what is the best way to proceed.

My goal is to remain positive through the ups and downs of this disease, which there have been many, and to praise God for how I continue to feel fabulous. It has become clear my pre-cancer life will never be the same, but with a great positive attitude and prayers and support from my family and friends, I will continue to be positive and promptly thank those that continue to think and pray for me.

Regardless of what has happened and what is happening to me, my dear family has been right by my side to help, support, talk, listen, hug, and hold my hand to let me know how much they care. For that, I am forever grateful!