In November, Lance was once again hospitalized after experiencing weakness on his right side and troubles with speech. An MRI revealed the tumor was still there and had now even doubled in size. The tumor was upgraded to a Grade 4. A second surgery took place Dec. 6th, where the surgeon once again was positive that he was able to remove the entire tumor as well as some of the enhanced cells. To this day, Vance continues to have infusions every 3 weeks and MRI’s every 3 months. Even with all of the battles Vance has had, he and his family continue to stay positive and live each day to the fullest.

Lori continues today to have infusions every 2 weeks of Avastin and monthly MRI’s. Even after many hurdles since the diagnosis, Lori and her family continue to stay on a positive trail mentally, physically, and spiritually. Even with a recent mini stroke of just a couple of weeks ago, Lori continues to try and walk 6 miles a day.