I started my battle with brain cancer in September 2003. I had a seizure at home when I was putting my son Nate to bed. I was taken by ambulance to Innovis Hospital in Fargo. The doctors took an MRI and found two malignant tumors, one in the right frontal lobe and another in the left temperal lobe. I was started on radiation in October. I remained stable until 2008. At this time it was determined that the tumor in the front had progressed. I started on Temador, a chemotherapy pill until January 2009. In December of that year my MRI showed further progression. The doctors then started me on a chemotherapy drug called Avastin. After just a few treatments the MRI showed still more growth.

My wife and I traveled to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester to talk with my doctor about the options and what our next step would be. After talking with Dr. Uhm my oncologist and Dr. Parney, a Nuerosurgeon, we decided the best option would be a craniotomy to resect as much of the tumor as possible.

On May 28th 2010 it was at St. Mary’s hospital where Dr. Parney was able to remove the tumor. I was released from the hospital on May 30th and spent 3 weeks at home recovering. I am now taking treatments of Chemotherapy at Roger Maris every 6 weeks for a total of 6 months. At this time tumor in the left temperal lobe remains inactive. My doctor here at Roger Maris and at Mayo will continue to monitor my MRI’s every three months.

I find my strength from family, friends and my strong faith in God.