While at work out in Wheaton, MN. on August 23rd, 2012, Vance had a seizure that landed him first in a Wahpeton hospital where he was then flown by helicopter to Fargo Sanford. An MRI revealed that Lance’s seizure was caused by an apricot size tumor on the left side of the brain. Surgery was done on Aug. 28th, where the surgeon was confident that he was able to remove 90% or so of the tumor without having to do damage to Lance’s speech, and the remaining 10% would have to be removed by a six week chemo and radiation plan. The biopsy revealed the tumor to be a Grade 3 Glioma.

In November, Lance was once again hospitalized after experiencing weakness on his right side and troubles with speech. An MRI revealed the tumor was still there and had now even doubled in size. The tumor was upgraded to a Grade 4. A second surgery took place Dec. 6th, where the surgeon once again was positive that he was able to remove the entire tumor as well as some of the enhanced cells. To this day, Vance continues to have infusions every 3 weeks and MRI’s every 3 months. Even with all of the battles Vance has had, he and his family continue to stay positive and live each day to the fullest.